6 Reasons Why You Should #TreatYoSelf! This October 13th… Or Any Day For That Matter!

On one glorious day in 2011 the world was first introduced to “Treat Yo’ Self’ Day. This iconic Parks & Recreation episode is still talked about ten years later. Every October 13th (usually in the world of Pawnee, Indiana) people are encouraged to splurge on themselves and buy things that they want.

In the original episode, characters Tom and Donna are explaining how they spend every October 13th “treating themselves” to things they normally don’t buy or do. The things they do and buy in the show are a little ridiculous to say the least. In one “Treat Yo’ Self” episode, the dynamic duo spending $1,000 on gourmet cupcakes with real gold on the top.

The mindset of treating yourself can really be summed up as a day where you practice self-care and take a moment to give yourself the love and attention you might not normally give yourself every day. In this fictional world, Donna and Tom usually only celebrate treating themselves once a year, but what if we didn’t have to wait until October 13th? Why don’t we treat ourselves whenever we are able to? The world can be gloomy, work can be stressful, and sometimes we feel like we all need a little pick me up. Doing small things for yourself- at home facials, impulse buying, uber eats sushi to the pool, etc. – this can all help make our days a little bit brighter.

Treating yourself doesn’t have to be done in an extravagant or expensive manner. It can be done in seemingly small ways but make us happy, nonetheless. It can be as simple as buying a bar of chocolate or going to see a movie you were dying to see. It doesn’t need to be a $1,000 cupcake with gold flakes on the top. Treating yourself can be whatever you want it to be.

Self-care is always healthy

I talk about self-care a lot. Like, a lot a lot! I cannot stress enough how important it is that we take care of ourselves and give us the same amount of attention that we give to other people and to the tasks we do every day. Treating yourself is an act of self-care.

Why have money if you never spend it

I am a spender. I love spending money, even to a fault. However, it is great to have a nest egg and save for retirement and other important life events. But sometimes after the bills and moving money over to your savings account, you may have some extra funds left over. Maybe a grocery item was on sale. Maybe your grandma sent you $20 just because. I don’t know! Grandmas are just nice like that. If you have the money, why not spend it on something that will give you a spark of joy?

You can literally die tomorrow. Do you really want to have missed out on booking your dream vacation?

Who ever said we needed to be “adults” who buy adult things? Buy that batman onesie!

Being a responsible(ish) adult can be boring. Shopping for light bulbs? Boring. Choosing between two paint colors that with go with the off-white color of the ceiling? SUPER BORING! I am still a kid at heart. I like fun and being absolutely ridiculous. I have an adult coloring book that is just photos of serial killers. There is no law prohibiting you from buying “non-adult” things. Spend your hard-earned money however you like.

Even if it was a dumb purchase, you can always re-sell it

I often buy something so impulsive and dumb that even I realize I wasted my money. You can always return most things you buy, and whatever you can’t return can be resold, donated, or gifted to someone you know. We discard and replace things all of the time.

You’ll feel happy and cared for

Money cannot by happiness, but it can pay for things that make us happy. I treated myself to a massage a while back. Groupon was having a sale and I thought I should treat myself. When I tell you that I was the most relax I have been since the start of COVID! I am not kidding.

You can be hit by a bus tomorrow and you’re telling me you still won’t get mimosas?

Life is too short to not go to brunch. Life is too short not to book an all-expenses-paid trip to Greece. No matter how much time you think you have, none of it should go to waste. Life should be enjoyable and full of fun and excitement. We spend a lot of time preoccupied by the mundane parts of life that really don’t matter as much as we think in the moment.

In summarization, just say “F**K IT!” and give yourself some love this October 13th… or on any day you just need a little pick-me-up. Whether it’s a boogie resort spa day, grabbing dinner with a friend or significant other, or even if it’s just a Reese’s from the corner store, treating yourself and practicing self-care and treating yourself is what we can all desperately need. So, go ahead and press checkout on that amazon shopping cart. Book that full-body massage, and make sure you pick up your favorite “cheat meal” for me! I know I’ve already did!


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