6 Misconceptions People Have About Scorpios As Told By A Scorpio

Featured Photo by Tania Medina on Unsplash

Zodiac signs and horoscopes always seen gimmicky to me. I never took too much stalk in them because I am the type of stubborn jerk who always believes that I am the creator of my own journey. Over the course of events in my life I have realized that is not entirely true. For the most part I make my own choices and decide which paths I should take in my life. Although, there are always some forces that push us on a course we never planned on taking in the first place. There is never a warning nor an indicator of what is going to happen. Sometimes it’s good and other times it’s not so much.

No matter the unexpected journeys we might find ourselves, we are always where we need to be, even if it doesn’t feel like that at times. I for one didn’t plan on living through a two-year pandemic and moving into my parents’ home for an entire year, but now I cannot imagine any other life I would be living. I had done a lot of thinking since the beginning of 2020. What I believed about my life, my path, and how I thought the world was supposed to work was all flipped on its heads.

I lost my faith in many of the beliefs I’ve had. Feeling unsure about how the universe worked- or just out of pure quarantine boredom- I started to look into astrology, specifically my astrological chart. Gen-z and Millennials have created this societal phenomenon around astrology and zodiac compatibilities. Everyone I know has some basic understanding of the world of astrology.

I never could take my zodiac traits seriously. That just may be because I am a Scorpio and we’re known to be stubborn know-it-alls who always needs to be write about everything. That’s just my hunch. But the main reason why I never did put much stalk into my zodiacal chart was simply because of the watered-down explanation of what each sign means. “Geminis are two-faced liars”, “Virgos are obsessive control freaks”, or “Scorpios are just sex addicts who are always emotionally unavailable”. That right there is why I could never take astrology seriously.

I can say with unequivocal certainty that I am not a sex addict with emotional attachment issues. I just have emotional detachment issues. What I know to be true about myself didn’t really align with what a Scorpio is meant to represent. Not to a tee that is. But like I said, quarantine had me reevaluate pretty much everything I thought about everything. The more I looked through my whole astrological chart I started finding things about myself that I knew were very much accurate. I- like many people- kind of miss what our zodiac actually means, especially when it comes to my personal sign the Scorpio.

From my experience Scorpios are pretty misunderstood when it comes to description. Scorpios are seen as these dark, intense, mysterious people who just don’t like other people and are emotionally unavailable. That’s what I thought for years. However, the more I dove into my sign and how it relates to my personality I began to better understand others around me who shared the same sign. 

Since it is FINALLY Scorpio season, I thought I would be fun to give you an inside scoop of what it’s really like being a Scorpio, brought to you by a fellow Scorpio. People with this sign usually keep their cards close to their chest. It can be a lot of work getting to know a Scorpio, but if you’re willing to put in the time Scorpios will make it worth your while. There are many misrepresentations and myths around this sigh so let me break some of those down for you.

“Scorpios are mysterious”

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

I could never understand where this comes from. For me, I am an open book. I leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to my personality, my intentions, and my opinions. Scorpios value honesty and trust and expect everyone we let into our lives to hold those same values. Scorpios are one of the most trusted and loyal of the zodiacs and make for the best friends you can ask for. With that being said, once you break a Scorpio’s trust its extremely hard to get it back. A Scorpio often gets burned by people who take advantage of their trust and become very hesitant to let new people privy into their closer circles.

Scorpios also tend to gravitate towards a more dark and edgy appearance. We tend to always go towards blacks, grays, and deep reds when it comes to our clothing. This often plays into the idea. 

Scorpios are “crazy and intense”

I will be the first to admit that this is open to interpretation. There are many reasons as to why people think this way towards Scorpios, especially Scorpio women.  Scorpios don’t like small talk. W3e find it pointless and boring to say the least. Scorpios are able to have deep and meaningful conversations with anyone they meet. Scorpios value deep and emotional connections to the people in their lives. So, it makes sense that a Scorpio may come off a little too strong when you first meet them. 

Scorpios are often very ambitious and determined individuals in their personal and professional lives. For me it means that I am always trying to better myself in all areas of my life. I try to excel in my career. I’ve always gone above and beyond on school projects I cared about. I even try to out-do myself every time I workout. Scorpios tend to push themselves and others to what they believe is their full potential. It can come off as being pushy and/or intense, however their intentions really are good at heart. 

Scorpios are stubborn and love to argue”

Okay, I agree with this one. It’s a fair statement. But again- it can be taken out of context. Scorpios are known for setting clear and firm boundaries in their personal lives. If a Scorpio doesn’t want to do something, then they will not do it. Setting and reinforcing healthy boundaries is the first thing I learned in therapy and I was surprised at how well I handle people try to push them. It all comes down to personal respect and having expectations as to how we want to be treated.

Scorpios very rarely compromise, and they always need to be right. We have a natural instinct to always have things go the way we want them to. Scorpios hate not having control of situations. They always need things to go their way or not at all.

Scorpios are manipulative and good at lying”

Lying is literally the number one thing Scorpios hate the most. It makes no sense as to why people think Scorpios lie in general. The main trait Scorpios possess is that they value open and honest communication between us and the people in our lives. It is very rare that a Scorpio would lie in order to get what they want. 

Since we value our personal relationships, using manipulation and lying is out of the question. When it comes manipulation, really anyone is capable of it, regardless of your star sign. However, since Scorpios are often master communicators mixed with ambition and the determination to get their own way, we often will use persuasion in order to achieve our goals. This in no way is lying. It is more taking the truth and information available and convincing others to join their side.

“Scorpios are passionate and very sexual in their romantic relationships”

Photo by Moises Solorzano on Pexels.com

Editor’s Note: I forget that my parents and co-workers read these sometimes. So, please ignore this if you are any of those people

I always get a little grossed out whenever I tell people I’m a Scorpio and this is their first response. It’s gross in general whenever someone tells you about how sexual you are, especially before you even become… intimate.  It’s weird. Don’t do it! I beg of you! I will say that because Scorpios are able to emotionally connect with people on a deep level, it makes sense that their partners would describe them as passionate in the bedroom. 

“Scorpios are two-faced and aloof”

Many people usually get Geminis and Scorpios confused. The two are fairly similar in a lot of ways. However, I think the main difference is how these signs value their relationships to other people. Geminis can create a plethora of friendships and social circles. Scorpios tend to keep smaller circles and trust very few. 

If you have a Scorpio in your life, you can count on them for pretty much anything. They are very loyal and can be trusted with your deepest secrets. Because of this Scorpios are very selective of who they let get close to them. It can come off as stand-off-ish at times, only because it takes time to build trust with Scorpios. Scorpios’ e4motions run strong as well. They feel very deeply for others, but they often feel like this might drive people away so they will often act unbothered and have a “too cool for school facade” in an effort to mask their emotions. 

To sum this all up, Scorpios are often misunderstood and difficult to get close to. but that doesn’t make us bad people. The best way to attract a Scorpio and get close to is to be upfront, honest, have a lot of patience, and willing to put up with our stubborn attitudes. If you have a Scorpio that trust you and let you get close to them, do not take that for granted.

I hope this has helped you to better understand the Scorpio guys, gals, and non-binary pals you have in your lives. If you can take one piece of advice with you, then take this. If it seems like Scorpios don’t care, are “mean” or defensive, maybe think about why they are acting that way. they might have been hurt in the past and are masking their vulnerability in being a sociopathic jerk.

Make sure to give the Scorpios in your lives some extra love this season!


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