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The title of this blog kind of speaks for itself, but we are feeling a bit spicy here is some information about what this blog is.

This blog was created in April 2019 in Orlando, Fl. It is written, monitored, and edited by Danielle herself. So-me. Its me. I started writing this in third person and it was starting to get a bit weird. Danielle is going to stop now…. Starting now.

Basically my entire life story:

I used to dread any written assignments when I was in school. Trust me when I say I truly had come a long way when it comes to the written word. I was a mess as a kid academically. I still kind of am. I had to have a proctor actually write essays down for me on exams because I was genuinely unable to write coherent sentences. Luckily with the persistent help of many teachers (Ms. Murphy), speech therapists (Ms. Billings), counselors, and the support of friends and family, my skills have gotten better and I was finally catching up to the other kids.

So, the skills were there, but I was still missing my voice. I could write the thoughts down and they were making sense, but they weren’t really me. it was just the replicated format every time; like a printer or a robot. It wasn’t until I was placed in my 8th grade language arts class when I was finally able to find my voice and comfortability in writing. the things that I experienced during that year defines who I am as a writer and as a person. This is the first time I felt safe in a classroom, felt heard and supported in my development, and confident in my own existence. This year was the first time I took a film class. The first time I would get a perfect score on a state benchmark essay, write a “book” of really bad poems, took a drama class, and even read aloud something I wrote to a group of people. I owe a lot to that year and that 8th grade Language Arts Teacher, so thank you Mr. Wright.

In Highschool I was involved with journalism, creative writing, and had a essay “editing” business on the side. This is where I was developing my writing skills in a public aspect. a lot of the things I wrote became scripts for recorded skits, entered into contests, and was being shared pretty much everywhere on campus in some aspect. In Junior and Senior year I worked on the yearbook staff and wrote many of the pages there. We briefly had a school news site I wrote on for a class. In my Senior Video Production class I was one of the Morning Announcement Directors and would often write the teleprompter scripts because our teach didn’t really know what she was doing. During my time there I developed a lot of independence along with skills and lessons that I take with me everywhere I go. Again, thank you to all of those who helped, supported, and taught me those four years. Everything I learned is still with me. (except for a certain freshman English teacher. She knows who she is).

After high school I attended the University of Central Florida until I graduated in May of 2018. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Human Communication with a minor in Film Studies. While attending UCF I wrote content for TheOdysseyOnline UCF Chapter, was a content writer for very shady internships, and wrote scripts for short films and skits. Writhing for The Odyssey was an interesting time on its own, I wound up leaving during the summer after graduating due to working 80+ hours a week at two jobs, some “health problems” resurfacing, and some tea that was being brewed in the site itself. But my writing is still up there. it makes me cringe, but they’re all still good reads.

I had worked in the hospitality industry since I was seventeen and currently work in Human Resources. In college I worked about three to four jobs at a time while also attending UCF as a full-time student. I worked front desk at a hotel, had two internships per semester, freelance writing, and at one point some of my friends would venmo me anytime they would list me as a reference on their resumes. That counts as a job right?

I have always been someone who always needs to be busy. I always need a task, a goal, I always need something to occupy my brain. Whether it is writing, working, volunteering, or even reading a book or cooking, I always need to physically be doing something. I may or may not have a problem. I’ll have to ask my therapist and get back to you on that.

From the time I stop writing for The Odyssey up until the start of April 2019 I stopped writing all together. No articles, no short stories, no journal, not even a planner. I just… stopped. that almost year a lot happened. A lot changed. I changed and grew and was looking for something. Something to write about, to care about writing about, and how to even right about the thing I want to care about to write. I lost my voice. The same voice that teachers, counselors, peers, and practice took years to help me find. I lost it and had no idea where it went. And then something clicked. I came to a decision. I would build my own site. a small, basic WordPress blog that I would keep and write on whenever I wanted. I would write about whatever I wanted; whatever I felt like writing. I called this my F*ck It approach. Not creative, but they can’t all be winners.

And there you have it! That’s the gist for who I am, what this is, and eveything in between.

Life can be inconsistent, challenging, and sometimes we all need a good laugh. Hopefully I am able to do that for you.

I would like to thank everyone who has influenced me, guided me, supported and inspired me, along with those who have done the opposite. Without every single one of you, past, present, or future, I wouldn’t be who I am today. If I had never met “some” of you I might not be in therapy and constantly overshare over the internet. But I digress.

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