Have You Drank Your Water Today?

Photo by Bluewater Globe on Unsplash

It has become the new trend to remind your friends and family to drink their water. Every fifteen minutes I am seeing a meme, a TikTok video, or getting a text that reminds me to drink more water. Water, water, water! Everywhere I turn someone is talking about drinking more water.

A 2020 study shows that the average American drinks less than half a gallon of water per day. That’s less than 8 cups of water!  The Mayo Clinic has stated that they recommend that adults should drink at least 125 ounces of water PER DAY. That is basically a gallon of water a day. And what doctors and scientist recommend, I will 100% try it. and that is exactly what I did.

Since August 2020 I have made it my goal to drink at least a gallon of water every single day. I will come out and say that drinking a gallon of water is not an every-day occurrence, and I would highly suggest that before trying anything you read online that you consult a doctor or trained professional beforehand. I live in South Florida and regularly participate in high-intensity workouts and long-distance running. For me, a gallon of water a day is a necessity in order to help me reach my fitness and health goals.

After almost a whole year of drinking an average of 128 ounces of water I noticed some changes in my overall mental and physical health.

My skin is a lot clearer

I used to always break out and have some sort of blemish on my face. My skin is naturally oily, and I would usually spend my days drinking coke zero and copious amounts of mocha iced coffees. Now that most of my liquid intake is mainly filtered water, I rarely have outbreaks on my skin or face. The times that I do is whenever I’d decide that wearing a mask and full-coverage foundation all day is a good idea.

I don’t have any more wrinkle on my hands or fingertips

For a long time, I thought the loose skin on my hands and fingers were all just my genetics. I mean, my mom and grandparents have always had that problem. Well, turns out I was just dehydrated AF. My hands- and my all around skin health- look fuller, healthier, and not like the evil queen’s old lady disguise from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

I have to pee every five minutes

With more water intakes comes more frequent bathroom breaks. About every 45 minutes to an hour I am pretty much rushing to the bathroom. I personally see this as a blessing and a curse. For one I am having to struggle through endless virtual meetings because I drank too much water beforehand, however it does get me to get up from my desk and move around more during the day, even if it is to go pee for the eighth time today.

I can’t sit still

I will say drinking more water does give me a lot more energy during the day. I don’t get the middle-of-the-day fatigue when I’m working, and my caffeine withdraws are pretty much nonexistent. I wake up every morning and down a whole glass of water and it wakes me up even faster than nursing a cup of coffee on my way to work. I already mentioned the frequent bathroom trips, but besides that I do have a lot more energy now that I am staying properly hydrated. I definitely see a difference in my workout performance when I drink enough water versus if I haven’t been drinking enough.

I am thirstier than I usually was (for water… and amongst other things, but that is reserved for another article)

I feel like if I don’t drink at least 100 ounces MINUMUM that I will die of dehydration. It seems counterproductive if you think about it, but that is how it is.

I did not lose weight just from drinking water… but my appetite did get smaller

Our bodies sometimes confuse thirst for hunger. Most of the time when we feel like we need to have a snack, we really need to drink some water. There are numerous studies that show that by drinking a full glass of water before eating helps curve your appetite and prevent you from overeating. I have noticed how much less I eat and snack during the day now that I am getting enough water during the day.

I don’t feel as bloated during the day

Again, just drinking water doesn’t make you lose weight. However, now that I am limiting my sugary drinks and caffeine, I don’t feel as heavy during the day. Staying hydrated helps your body and organs function properly in order to keep you healthy. When we are overconsuming liquids that ultimately dehydrate your body (i.e. caffeinated and sugary drinks) your body learns to store those extra nutrients instead of releasing them.

I generally feel more physically and mentally better

It’s no secret that I suffer from depression and anxiety. I go through extremely drastic changes in my mood and all-around mental health. This in turn takes a huge toll on my physical health, and makes me feel fatigued, jaded, experience psychosomatic illness, stress, and a generally disinterest for most things I do in my day-to-day. I am not going to sit here and say that drinking water is the cure-all for everyone on my health problems. That isn’t how things work. I will say that for me personally, drinking water does make my body and mind more productive so I am able to go on with my day, even when I am at a low.

So, there you have it! An honest water review that may or may not have made you reach for a glass of water. Like I had stated before, I am not a health expert, nor do I claim to be one. Everything listed in this article has come from my own experiences and what is best for my own body, health, and fitness level.

So, drink your water and live your best life, bestie.


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